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Czech victory in the last competition of SuDaFe 2007

As already in the first IDSF competition of this year at the Summer Dance Festival the winner of the concluding Junior II Standard competition dance for the Czech Republic. Marek Bureš/Kristýna Žižková won this tournament in front of the german couple Rami Schehimi/Lilli Hils. The third place went to Vjatseslav Molkin/Kristiina Prants from Estonia.

The final

1. Marek Bureš/Kristýna Žižková (Czech Republic)
2. Rami Schehimi/Lilli Hils (Germany)
3. Vjatseslav Molkin/Kristiina Prants (Estonia)
4. Jan Skuhravy/Dominika Bergmannová (Czech Republic)
5. Alex Gerlein/Karolina Bauer (Germany)
6. David Werner/Junona Fisman (Germany)

With this competition the Summer Dance Festival 2007 ended. You should already notice the date of the 2008 event: On June 14th & 15th 2008 the Summer Dance Festival celebrates it's 10th anniversary.

10.06.2007 19:16,

Kazlouski Ritter successfull in Youth Latin

Viceworldchampions Andrej Kazlouski/Jana Ritter (Germany) won the IDSF Continental Trophy competition in Youth Latin at the Summer Dance Festival 2007. Charles-Guillaume Schmitt/Elena Salikhova, the last year winners of this competition, were placed second. The third place went to Szymon Bozek/Michaela Riedlowa (Czech Republic), who won the Standard competition on saturday.

The Final

1. Andrej Kazlouski/Jana Ritter (Germany)
2. Charles-Guillaume Schmitt/Elena Salikhova (France)
3. Szymon Bozek/Michaela Riedlowa (Czech Republic)
4. Pavel Zvychayny/Jaqueline Sybel (Germany)
5. Jiri Gatnar/Tereza Houslavova (Czech Republic)
6. David Werner/Junona Fisman (Germany)

10.06.2007 14:22,

Werner/Fisman succeed in IDSF Junior II Latin

The Berlin couple David Werner/Junona Fisman clearly won the IDSF Junior II Latin competition on Saturday evening. With Rami Schehimi/Lilli Hils another German couple finished this tournament on the second place. The bronze medals went to an Estonian couple: Molkin Vjatseslav/Kristiina Prants were third in the field of 49 couples.

The Final:

1. David Werner/Junona Fisman (Germany)
2. Rami Schehimi/ Lilli Hils (Germany)
3. Vjatseslav Molkin/Kristiina Prants (Estonia)
4. Jan Skuhravy/Dominika Bergmannová (Czech Republic)
5. Marek Bureš/Kristýna Žižková (Czech Republic)
6. Felix Kunkel/Michelle Gerstmann (Germany)
7. Artis Robalds/Laima Ozolina (Latvia)

09.06.2007 20:32,

Czech victory in IDSF Youth Standard competition

Szymon Bozek/Michaela Riedlowa from the Czech Republic won the first world ranking competition of the Summer Dance Festival 2007 in the category Youth A Standard. Stsiapan Hurski/Tasja Schulz from Berlin finished the final of the seven qualified couples in second place. Edvardas Racius/Ekaterina Plikosova (Lithuania) were placed in third place. 33 couples participated in this competition.

The Final:

1. Szymon Bozek/Michaela Riedlowa (Czech Republic)
2. Stsiapan Hurski/Tasja Schulz (Germany)
3. Edvardas Racius/Ekaterina Plikosova (Lithuania)
4. Artjom Potapow/Darja Holavko (Germany)
5. David Odstricil/Beata Koblizkova (Czech Republic)
6. Igor Colac/Roxane Milotti (France)
7. Damian Pawlowski/Marika Ostrowska (Poland)

09.06.2007 14:01,

Summer Dance Festival 2007 is running

With only a few minutes delay the couples from the IDSF Youth Standard competition opened the Summer Dance Festival 2007 in Berlin. Not less than 19 further competions will follow on the first day. The results of each competition can be found round by round on our website in the category Sports --> Results.

09.06.2007 10:19,

5 days until the Summer Dance Festival 2007 in Berlin

On the next weekend Berlin warmly welcomes Europe's youngest dancesport couples. The Summer Dance Festival is Europe's largest event in youth dancesport with an estimated amount of 900 couples participating. Also in this year the four IDSF world ranking competitions in Junior II and Youth latin and standard will be the highlights of the weekend. They all are regarded as inofficial European Championships as they all are supplied with the title "Continental Trophy" by the IDSF.

The complete enry lists are now available on this website in the category "sports". In the "event" category you will find the complete timetables as well as detailled informations how to get to the competition place.

04.06.2007 00:27,